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DONGGUANG WURONG HARDWARE CO,.LTD  in Taiwan, Hong Kongs strong support, was established in 1998, the franchise and the United States a variety of high-quality standard system and the non-standard pieces.

 The overall five-wing mode of operation to follow Taiwan, Hong Kong, and constantly track their own services to the needs of customers in the first place, the success of the five-wing needs the support of each and every customer. Over the years, the five-rong its credit management, wholesale purposes, it is therefore imperative customers urgent needs of the service, user-friendly means of communication, rapid and steady growth and has established a sound mechanism for marketing services, will be sent to every high-quality products a five-rong place.

 If you for some hard to find products and worry, if you need a complete inventory of standard parts, the U.S. system, the non-standard parts, mold parts, suppliers, please contact e-wing, we have a team of talents for clients provide a better service.

Franchise a wide range of high quality standard and non-standard fasteners.

Up to thousands of products, GB (GB), an international quasi-(ISO), American Standard (ANSI), German standard (DIN), British standard (BSW) Japan Standard (JIS) and other standard fasteners and non-standard products, Materials related to carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, copper and so on.

1) 8.8-12.9 grade hexagon bolts and all kinds of things will be tight, tight wire machines, self-tapping screw series.

2) US-made, the inside, hexagon bolt, nut and other various types of US-made products.

3) plastic; million, flat, inside and outside the screw series.

4) the mother locking nylon, metal locking mother, K cap, hexagon nuts, cap-shaped hats and all kinds of butterfly washer, ring, such as marketing.

5) Exports SUS302, SUS304, SUS316 Series stainless steel screws.

6) The metal mold imports, tools, cutting tools, measuring

"Radical radical you want you want, door-to-door service at home" is the purpose of our service!

Sincerely hope that  "WuRong" can help your business take off a hand! Welcome to come and power negotiation.

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